Comparing the Innosilicon A6 LTCMaster

A6 LTCmaster
A6 LTCmaster

New INNOSILICON, is it really any better than the competition?

Let’s forget about the ridicules 50 unit min order at the moment, or the fact Innosilicon don’t adjust the Crypto price in line with the market price at the time of sale, or the fact the LTC, BTC and $ price actually all work out different values or the fact its looks like 2x A4+ strapped together with some duct tape. let’s just compare the $ sale price and performance.

I have compared just the scrypt miners that are currently available (you get what I mean) to buy now direct from manufacture. The $ value is from the check out price in $

EHS Wolf v1 Miner v Bitmain L3+ v INNOSILICON A4+ & A6 Compare

Prices taken on 6th Jan 2018

 $ CostSpeed (MH/s)Power (watt)Watt per MH/s$ per MH/s
Wolf V14257102412701.244.15


The Bitmain still works out the best $ per MH/s now they have dropped the price back down to a reasonable amount but its still juicy on the power costs. Ultimately its down to your preference and experience with a miner or manufacture. Personally I don’t care for the manufacture and I have no loyalty to anyone, as long as they delivery the good when they say they will then I am happy. Both Bitmain and Innosilicon have achieved this for me with little issues, apart from the failed Bitmain Hashing Board


My preference would be:

  • Buy 2x L3+ for $3072
  • Overclock them a little to match the speed of the A6 (Will void the warrantee)
  • use the $3228 you just saved on the price difference as electricity costs for the next 16 months (you would still need to pay for electricity on the A6)

I am sure most people would look to sell there miners after 12 months anyway, so 16 month free electricity is a great option to have after 1 year of mining

Until EHS actually can prove themselves and come up with a unit in public my coin is still going to Bitmain

Innosilicon A6 LTCMaster are just NOT WORTH IT

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