Feb Mining Pool Review – Day 2

MultiPool, StarPool, Prohashing, MiningDutch
MultiPool, StarPool, Prohashing, MiningDutch

Another 48 Hours in Crypto world is a long time, we have seen nothing but green across the charts today and this is going to reflect in our mining profits. I realised this is going to skew our estimated profit numbers as I did yesterdays in $$$ and so I will be using BTC value rather then $$$ value.

I think as a miner its always best to look at your return in coin first then the $$$ value. This way you get an idea of the ROI from the coin you have spent. IE A miner cost you 45 LTC, how long will it take to earn my 45 LTC back before I make coin profit, after all if your going to sell in 1-2 years your not to worried about the price now, your concerned about the coin in your wallet and if that is not going up you may well have not bothered mining. This is the best way a long term mining  HODLer should view the market. If you are short term and cashing out all coins at the end of each month then look more at the $$$ value.

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