Feb Mining Review Starts Today

MultiPool, StarPool, Prohashing, MiningDutch
MultiPool, StarPool, Prohashing, MiningDutch

At 23:00 today this months mining pool review starts. We will be looking at 2 new pools I have never used before (as request by 2 readers) as well as 2 more experienced pools that always rank high in the reviews

We will be aiming for 1LTC using a Bitmain L3+ running at standard speed of 504 MH/s.  Pools will be using there rotation algo’s and so can mine the most profitable coin at the time to give me maximum results in coin.

As always ill try and post results each day and summarize once the first pool reaches 1LTC

Pools are:

Pool setting will be listed after the first day of mining.

Click below for the daily results

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