The new v3.2 Wallet that sit’s behind the amazing brand new Altitude skin has some great new features, here are my favorite’s.

  1. On the Masternode Tab you can now see clearly that your master node is online, for how long and when it was last seen

    Linda Masternode v3.2 Wallet
    Linda Masternode v3.2 Wallet – Click to Enlarge
  2. At the bottom left corner shows you Connected peers, the block number your wallet is currently sync too and how long since last block. Also shows Lock and staking status.

    Linda Connections Status
    Linda Connections Status
  3. Near the top right we now have the ability to hide unnamed Empty Accounts, this makes the main dashboard cleaner.

    Linda hide Unnamed Empty accounts
    Linda hide Unnamed Empty accounts
  4. New colours and layout are a welcome break from the drab QT Wallet.

    Linda Old v New Wallet
    Linda Old(top) v New(bottom) Wallet – Click to Enlarge
  5. Your main wallet address’s are clearly shown at the top of the dashboard allowing you to check your balance on key addresses quickly.

    Linda New Wallet
    Linda New Wallet – Click to Enlarge
  6. Addition of “Repair Wallet” from the Tools menu with options of types of repair.

    Linda Wallet Repair
    Linda Wallet Repair – Click to Enlarge
  7. On the Send menu, we now have “Use Available balance”. Makes light work of sending Masternode rewards to a staking address with out touching your Masternode coins.

    Linda Use Available Balance
    Linda Use Available Balance – Click to enlarge
  8. The 2,000,000 Masternode stake coins are now locked and cant be accidentally spent.  The padlock shots the coins are locked and cant be moved.

    Linda Node Locked Coins
    Linda Node Locked Coins – Click to Enlarge
  9. Checking for updates from within the Wallet. First time i have ever seem this on a Crypto Wallet…  Awesome!!! Cant wait to see this in action, roll on an update.

    Linda Online Update
    Linda Online Update
  10. Amazing Staking stats and Info. It shows the maturity of a block against your address and even when a new block will mature and start staking.

    Linda Coin Staking
    Linda Coin Staking – Click to Enlarge