This guide explains how to configure a Linda Coin Master Node to use a hot and cold wallet running on Windows 7 Workstation or above.

Why you should do this and not have your coins in your Master Node can be found here: Do NOT keep your coins on your master node

I am using Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V to mount 2 identical Virtual Machines (VMs) running the Linda wallet. One will be used as the Online Hot wallet that is presented to the internet and the other is the offline cold wallet that will hold my 2,000,000 Linda coins for my Master Node stake. You could alternatively use 2 low spec PCs with a fresh install of windows or even a good spec PC with a Virtual machine manager installed. All down to personal preference


  • 2x Local Windows PC’s (virtual or physical) newly installed and patched. Latest Linda client installed and fully sync with the block chain.
  • 1st PC will be Offline Cold Wallet with 2,000,005 Linda Coin for your stake. Always have a little over for transaction fees. Can be configured to use DHCP
  • 2nd PC will be Online Hot Wallet with Zero Coins but will be configured with a static IP and mapped via your local router to your public IP on port 33820
  • Encrypt both Wallets with super secure password and record in someplace safe. NOT on the wallet computers


Both Windows systems should look like this

Linda Master Node Hot and Cold Wallets
Linda Master Node Hot and Cold Wallets – Click to Enlarge


Offline Linda Masternode Cold Wallet

The first thing we need to do is send out stake amount of 2,000,000 to a new address that will be our node address. It has to be exactly 2,000,000 coin not more, not less.

Open the Debug window and select the “Console” tab. Type in <getaccountaddress MN1>   where MN1 is the name you give your node.  You should get a familiar looking coin address.

Linda getaccountaddress
Linda getaccountaddress – Click to Enlarge

make a note of this address in Notepad on your desktop.

We now need to send 2,000,000 Linda to this new address.  Close the debug window for now and navigate to the Send TAB. Send the Linda coin to the new address you have just created by pasting in the new address in the “pay to” field.  The label field should auto populate with the name you gave the address confirming the address you are about to send to is correct.

Sending 2 Million Linda
Sending 2 Million Linda – Click to Enlarge

You will see a pop up message saying that you have send 2million Linda to Yourself,   wow that was scary!!!

Back on the dash board you should see the same balance minus a small transaction fee, check the Transaction tab and wait for at least 15 confirmations before continuing

Linda Payment to Yourself
Linda Payment to Yourself – Click to Enlarge


Lets go back to the “console” under the “Debug Window” and check our coins are all at one address. Type in <listaddressgroupings>  You should see 2,000,000 Linda in the new address

Checking my 2million Linda Coin
Checking my 2million Linda Coin – Click to Enlarge

Now we have confirmed our 2 million coins are in the new address and we have had over 15 confirmations we can now move on. Do NOT try this next part until you have the confirmations, you can get an incorrect “private Key”

Back to the Console, you should know where it is by now. Type <masternode genkey>  you will get a much longer string compared to the wallet address you created. This is your Master Node private Key. Save this in the text file on your desktop.

Linda masternode genkey
Linda masternode genkey – Click to Enlarge

Also on the Console type <masternode outputs>  You should now get another long string. This is your “VALID TRANSACTION HASH” (the long number) followed by your “TRANSACTION INDEX” (the single number). Add this to your notes document for later.

Linda Masternode Outputs
Linda Masternode Outputs – Click to Enlarge

Still on the cold wallet with your coins in it, We now need to edit the linda.conf file in the Linda directory. Default is  c:\users\%user name%\appdata\roaming\linda

It should look something like this


Change the Random User name and Password to one of your choosing

Also add and keep up to date the “addnode=”  list. I have added 2 to get you started but check the Discord channel for updated lists.

In the same location create a “masternode.conf” text file with notepad and add the following information on one line. It has to be spot on or it will not work

“Nodename” “YourExternalIPAddress:93821” “masternode genkey” “masternode outputs” “transaction index”

Lets look at this closer and were to get this information. Do NOT include the quotes, they are to make it easier to read.

“Nodename”  Will be the name of the Wallet address you made to send the 2mill coins too. I called mine MN1

“YourExternalIPAddress:93821”  will be your public IP address and the Linda port number

“masternode genkey” is the string you receive when typing <masternode genkey> in the console

“masternode outputs” is the 1st long string from the typing <masternode outputs> in the console

“transaction index” is the last single number from typing <masternode outputs> in the console


Put all this together and as an example my file would read

MN1 6AL9VieBVUCYjEMeeH1Y4sBGLALQZE1Yc1K64xiqgX37HscvJWJT98 59e6d14f84c84f87eaa86e4e56834c92927a07f9e18718810b92be1e5f4 1

Save the files and close the wallet if you still have it open


Online Linda Masternode Hot Wallet


Now on the Hot Wallet we need to add the linda.conf file that we have made on the cold wallet and add in the Linda directory on the hot wallet. Default is  c:\users\%user name%\appdata\roaming\linda

This will allow the Hot wallet to be live on the internet and reference the Masternode coins safleyely locked away in the cold wallet