This guide covers creating multiple hot wallets (online public nodes) with a single off-line cold wallet containing all your coins. The idea behind this is that you can run as many public facing Masternodes all referencing a single wallet containing all the coins. You still need the correct amount of coins per node. In the case with NYX you need 1,000 coins per node and so for my 3 node setup I need 3,000 coins.

For your 2nd and 3rd node you will need a new IP address for each node, this can be achieved by:

  • Using a family members internet line and hosting a PC at there house.
  • VPS Image on cloud hosting
  • Azure or AWS style cloud hosting
  • VPN client to make it look like your node is someplace else

Setting up 2nd and 3rd Masternode on NYX Coin

At this point I am assuming you have read NYX Master Node with Windows Hot and Cold Wallet and have a single Master node running so you are familiar with the setup process.

You will also need:

  • 2nd location setup with the public IP set and ready
  • Any firewall or port forwarding setup
  • Windows Installed and patched ready to use
  • NYX Wallet installed and sync’d

Configuring the NYX Masternode Cold Wallet

Just like the first node you created we will need to create a new Wallet address and send 1,000 coins to it. Wait for at least 20 confirmations before you proceed.

Once you have the 20+ confirmations its best to check they are listed as the correct amount at the correct location. On the “console” menu under the “Debug Window” and check our coins are all at one address. Type in <listaddressgroupings>  You should see 1,000 NYX in the new address called Wallet2 or Wallet 3. In my case I am creating Wallet3

NYX 2nd node listaddressgroupings
NYX 2nd node listaddressgroupings – Click to Enlarge

Once coin are confirmed you can run the node commands again and you will get a new <masternode genkey> and VALID TRANSACTION HASH. On you notepad you created add the new outputs for the new wallet address. It is best to create one at a time so the coins are locked in and you know what private key and VALID TRANSACTION HASH matches to what wallet.

NYX 2nd node masternode genkey
NYX 2nd node masternode genkey – Click to Enlarge

When we now run <masternode outputs> we see all of the outputs for each 1,000 coins at the different addresses. We need to match these to the new Wallet address, this is why we cant do them all in one go as we have no indication on what output goes to what address. In my setup this is the 3rd node and I have recorded the paired addresses for node 1 and 2. By process of elimination I can work out what one is number 3, its not always the bottom output.

NYX 2nd node masternode outputs
NYX 2nd node masternode outputs – Click to Enlarge

Using the <masternode genkey> and <masternode outputs> update your masternode.conf file on your cold wallet containing the coins

Your masternode.conf file should start to look like this. Each line has the reference to the new public node

NYX 2nd Node masternode.conf
NYX 2nd Node masternode.conf – Click to Enlarge


Configuring the NYX Masternode Hot Wallet

On the new hot wallet node we need to update the <nyx.conf> files to match the new public IP and new Masternode private key

rpcuser=<your made up username>
rpcpassword=<your made up password>
externalip=<Your New Node External IP address>
masternode=1  (Sets the Wallet up as a Masternode)
masternodeprivkey=<Output from New masternode genkey>
addnode= (These are other MasterNodes and will change as servers go offline and new ones come on)


Once all the config files are updated and saved you can close your wallets, reopen and wait for them to resync. On the Cold Wallet we should see the extra wallet added to the “My Masternodes” tab. At the moment it will display as “MISSING” as we need to wait for it to register in the Masternodes list.

NYX 3rd node My Masternodes
NYX 3rd node My Masternodes – Click to Enlarge

If we run a <masternode status> on the console of the new hot wallet will we see an error <“status”: “Not capable masternode: Could not connect to yourIP:4330”>  This is normal and we need to wait for about 30mins for the new node to register.

On the Cold wallet we can start the process off by starting the masternode for just that wallet. High light the new wallet and click “Start alias”

NYX 3rd node masternode start
NYX 3rd node masternode start – Click to Enlarge

If you have setup everything as it should be then we will see a masternode started popup box

NYX 3rd node masternode started
NYX 3rd node masternode started – Click to Enlarge

On the Hot wallet we can return to the console and type <masternode status> and we should see the following message. If not its time to start trouble shooting

“status”: “Masternode successfully started”

Running Sentinel on NYX Masternode

If you find your new node constantly losing connection and goes offline with a WATCHDOG_EXPIRED Status then you will need to run Sentinel on the new node. This can be downloaded from various source like the NYX Github for example.

Place the EXE file in the directory as your NYX EXE files and create a short cut on the desktop to it. Edit the Target string to look like this.

C:\NYX\Sentinel\sentinel-win64.exe –config=C:\NYX\Data\nyx.conf

The target nyx.conf should be the location of your NYC files. I installed in C:\NYX\Data\

Note: There is a double dash — in front of config.    Two – – close together

If Sentinel is running correctly it should look like this. Anything different and you need to check the shortcut parameters