Merge Coin Swap has Started!

The Big Merge Coin Swap
The Big Merge Coin Swap

Merge Coins SWAP is HERE!

For those of you not familiar with Merge Coin and have a bag of Shit Coins that are no better than a virtual paper weight I urge you to check out there website and read up on what they are about.

and the

Merge Discord Channel

They are attempting to bring old dead coin communities together by trading your shitcoins for shinny new #Merge coin.  Ill be exchanging my Zero value bag of BANQ and BytePay coins. The community is very positive at the moment and is buzzing with excitement.

Its a mammoth task the guys are undertaking but they have pulled this over way better than any other coin swaps I have been involved in over the past year. The swap mechanism involves sending 2 payments at the same time to a specially encoded burn address created from your Merge chain address. When the merge servers scan the shitcoin block chain and find such address they calculate the exchange rate and send you the appropriate amount of merge direct to your merge wallet.

Over the next 4 weeks you can trade in your shit coins for merge but then the swap will close so get in now and do some swapping.

Coins Available to Swap to Merge
Coins Available to Swap to Merge
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