Mining Pool Review – Results Day 4

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A much better day for GranayGas-Pool as we see a much smoother hash rate across the day, still not close to NH or MD pay-outs. Crypto taking a massive pump today but we still see profits slightly down across all pools.  This could be down to people buying up BTC for a number of reasons but I believe its down to the upcoming SigWit2x or rumors from China they are opening there pools again.

More stats here Mining Pool Shoot Out – Day 04

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  1. Hi

    Not sure how to contact you properly so am having a go with this:=)
    I am a friend of Tyron Kirton and want to buy (rather than mine) about £500 worth of Bitcoin or other “crypto” currency
    If I can get my head around the methods used and the potential income from setting up our own mine or investing in and existing mine (yours)then we will – cash is available providing the prospects are there

    Over to you for comment and advice


    Big John

    • Hi John
      So many opportunities and so many options. If you have a specific question in mind (IE how can I buy BTC easily) then ask a way and I will create a new page on the site to answer your question.

      have a read here on the site: Getting Started in Cryptocurrency Mining

      But to cover your general post quickly

      Buying BTC – I would either use or

      Mining – For a good return you need to look at lest a L3+ from Bitmain at about £3k and has a 4-5month ROI

      you can email using the email link at the top of the page if you need more details

      thanks for reading the site

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