Like all the miners I have had over the years the Innosilicon A4 Dominator is a noisy beast and comings in at around 80 dBs on a good day. The fans are fixed at max speed of 100% so even if placed in a cool room, basement or Server room they are still loud!

A4 Dominator Standard Sound Level
A4 Dominator Standard Sound Level 80.1 dBs – Click to Enlarge


My Objective here was to have a A4 Dominator running in my front room and dinning room with out too much fuss or people noticing right away.  I needed it just enough to allow the family to have dinner or watch TV with out the noise or pitch from the miner creating a distraction.

I tried various ideas like old PC cases, Plastic creates that are used in department stores. None of them seemed to keep the wife happy in the aesthetics department until I found this on eBay.

Bitmine Coincraft Desk V2
Bitmine Coincraft Desk V2 – Click to Enlarge

It was an old Bitmine.CH Coincraft Desk V2 case that had now become to slow to mine with but the case was still good. Front and back air vents, PSU slot and room for 2 cards from the A4.

The seller had 2 at £50 each and I knew this was the case that would work. I messaged them and secured a purchase at £90 for both cases including the shipping.

Some silent mining was on the horizon and I was keen to get the new build underway.


Quite A4 Dominator – Part One

Quite A4 Dominator – Part Two